This is my first photo available.
Just 7. Month!
No Problem. You can watch everything!

My mother says that sometimes you were
a very polite baby!
I think she is true!

What do you said mummy?
(Well another polite photo!)

Me and my sister.
She is always laughing.

At Primary school.

My friends says that
you don't go to army.
So what is this!

At Secondary school.

Well color photoes are available
from now on!

At high school ages I love travelling and,
I was already visit most of the world.

And university ages started. Sep. 1982-86.
1. degree in department,B.S.

M.S. Sep. Sep.1986-89

Seminers started!

And academic life finally ends.
A photo from my professor Dr.Ugur Ersoy's seminer.
You can see worlds most importand engineers here.

My Latest photo.

Dr. Farzad Marjani at all around the world!

Good Luck!